About OCFA

The OCFA was established in 1945.  It was originally formed as an advocate for the commercial fishing industry in Ontario and continues to do so today, along with a number of other functions. The OCFA operates out of the provincial headquarters in Blenheim, Ontario.  The Board of Directors is comprised of 21 members representing different electoral zones throughout the province.  Contained within the organization is the Ontario Fish Packers and Processors Committee that has its own elected Chair and Vice-Chair.  These individuals sit as members of the six-person Executive Committee of the OCFA.

The OCFA performs a number of administrative and operational fisheries assessment functions under contractual arrangement with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).   These functions include the Lake Erie Fall Indexing Program, the development and collection of Royalty billings, as well as the entry and collation of data derived from Daily Catch Reports (DCRs) and Transport and Purchase Reports (TPRs) from across the province.  This information is valuable to both industry and the Ministry for fisheries management, enforcement, and allowing fisheries to keep apprised of their harvest versus quota allotment.

The Ontario Commercial Fisheries’ Association interacts with many government and non-government organizations with the purpose of ensuring resource sustainability and sound fisheries science are the key to the long-term success of the commercial fishing industry in Ontario.